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Before leaving for the trip to Mongolia, there are several things that you have to consider as following information that can help you during the visits. 
The success of any trip is a delicate mix of laughter, feelings of mutual aid and conviviality, spirit of discovery, of goodwill, participation in common tasks and a respect for local traditions.  Hence, each participant is invited to learn about the country in practical way.
Depends on the trip that you chosen especially trekking, riding, hiking etc which are mainly based on the campsite. Hence here are some equipments to carry during trip. 

  1. A large travel bag and a small backpack for hiking (stuff of the day)  
  2. A sleeping bag  
  3. A jacket (fur polar type)  
  4. Warm sweaters  
  5. Rain cape  
  6. Hiking shoes, or running shoes, boots and gaiters for horseback riding
  7. Shirts (long sleeve against the sun)  
  8. Light clothing  
  9. A hat
  10. Sunscreen, an anti-mosquito cream
  11. Sunglasses  
  12. A scarf  
  13. A flashlight (spare batteries and bulbs)  
  14. Water bottle and tablets to purify the water (type Micropure)  
  15. A knife, multi-use, a sewing kit  
  16. Possibly a compass  
  17. A pharmacy: against cold, sore throat and cough, possible diarrhea, aspirin, antibiotics and any medications you usually use  
  18. Toilet paper (make sure to throw it into trash box which would help the nature be clean and fresh)  
  19. Wipes  
  20. A pair of binoculars (if possible)  
  21. And prepare tips for team members, which have cooperated with during the trip.

Luggage: Do not exceed 20 kilos, the surplus can be heavily taxed by flight companies in domestic and international.



The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the date of return for the French citizens (check with the consulate or embassy for other countries).  
If you travel with your children and they are not already registered on your passport, you should know that now children, whatever their age, must also have an individual passport. 
To gather visa, in example of France: See the Consulate. 5, Av Robert Schumann, 92200 Boulogne, 01 42 05 23 18, cost of visa: 60 euro.  
To provide: 1 photo, 1 form to fill, 1 certificate of travel, getting within 8 days. Impossible to transmit the file by mail.  
Under certain circumstances, it is also possible to obtain the visa on your arrival in Ulan-Baatar. It costs 53 dollars. We are in charge to send your passport details at least two weeks before your arrival.  
Visa partner: LISCO. 76, avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 PARIS.  01 56 43 39 69.  



There are no compulsory vaccinations. However, some of the recommended vaccines when often precarious hygiene require that the traveler is effectively protected against:

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Diphtheria
  3. Tetanus
  4. Typhoid
  5.  Rabies

Moreover, we suggest to take a small pharmacy, with the following medications:  

  1. Aspirin / paracetamol  
  2. Anti diarrheal tablets  
  3. Laxatives  
  4. Pellets against sore throat  
  5. Tube of antiseptic cream  
  6. Cream for insect bites  

Medicines or toiletries regularly used  



Note that the BBC World Service presents its emissions in Mongolian with bulletins "information in English with Mongolian broadcastings. CFI (Canal France International) and TV5 broadcast in French. 
It is best to stock up on stamps before leaving the capital. And deposit their mail at the post office directly, rather than a hotel reception or in the public boxes. 
A letter to abroad is one to two weeks before reaching their destination.
To call Ulaanbaatar, dial 00 976 and the number of your correspondent. You can obtain international calls direct to the Central Post Office and major hotels in Ulaan Baator. 
The post office sells phone cards for international calls. Mobicom, Unitel, G-Mobile and Skytel are main telecommunication companies.



The first taxis appeared in August 1994, there are still few in Ulaanbaatar. They must have on their rear window a stamp "MGL". The habit is to sign a private car, which can take you where you want, in exchange of a small financial charge (with the risks that this may, of course).  
To get to the steppe, a 4X4 vehicle rental with driver is essential. You must contact a travel agency. There is no possibility of renting a 4X4 without drivers (almost no indication is given on the road, 4X4 and Russian jeeps have no assistance direction). In addition, archaeological and cultural sites are not marked or shown. 
Mongolia has 1815 km of railways, including the main line that crosses the country from north to south. It takes 5 days to link Moscow to Ulaanbaatar; and one and a half day more for the trip Ulaanbaatarr/Peking. Schedules are subject to change according to seasons. 
The MIAT, is national airway company, which conducts flights to Beijing, Khukh khot (Inner Mongolia), Berlin, and Frankfurt with a stopover in Moscow, also to Siberia, Japan and Korea, for international routes.  Air China, Aeroflot, Korean Air and Turkish Airline do also regular flights and charters. 

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