Camel Riding Tours

Our agency organizes camel rides. The originality of these hikes is to discover the incredible Gobi desert, sometimes stony, sometimes sandy, which represents one third of the territory.
We offer two camel routes in the south and south-west of Mongolia.

You will probably be among the few visitors to discover the Altai, one of the most surprising and most beautiful regions of Mongolia. After making contact with the nomads, we suggest you follow their steps through a beautiful and full of contrast where the dunes alongside glaciers and where the camels share the steppe with yaks and horses.

  • Mongolian speaking guides who know well the western culture and always immersed in the local nomadic life
  • The great diversity of this journey that evolves between green meadows, lakes, mountains and dunes,
  • Cultural diversity and encounters with nomads,
  • Caravan crossing villages and camps around the steppe and near lakes.







Mongolie Voyages

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