Horseback riding in Naiman Nuur

Total 16 days of tour, 9 days will be on horseback from the Tarniin river lined with small dunes of Bayan-Gobi we reach Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of Mongolia near the Orkhon River. It will serve as a thread up to small falls, where we will reach Khangai area and Naiman Nuur-lakes. Continuing south, we pass ridgelines leading to strange desert hills. Usually 6-7 hours of riding provided.

  1. Mongolian speaking guides who know well the Western culture and always immersed in the local nomadic life, perfect bridge between the two cultures,
  2. The ride through Khangai mountains, and Naiman Nuur
  3. The ride accompanied by real nomads still living under the yurt.
  4. To walk, trot, canter through the vast Mongolian steppes.
  5. Total immersion in local life and a contact even stronger with the people arriving on horseback.


Day 1: Fly to Ulaanbaatar
Fly to Mongolia with stopover in between.

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to the hotel, and after a rest directly visit to Gandan Monastery, Historical Museum, Zaisan Hill and Bogd Khan Winter Palace etc. Overnight in hotel

Day 3: Ulaanbaatar – Kharkhorin
In the morning, departure to Kharkhorin in with 4x4 across the steppe, which is an ancient capital of Mongolia in the 16th century. Meet our guides and horses for a superb route with a friendly team. Overnight in ger camp.

Day 4: Kharkhorin – Orkhon River
Visit the Erdenezuu monastery, the jewel of the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire. Hiking and cross the cervix and the Orkhon River. Bivouac.

Day 5: Steppe and the mountains of Khangai
Taking shortcuts through hills and Rocky Mountains, visit to nomadic families, where we descend steppe meadows to reach Khukh Ergiin Denj. Many camps yurts, horse herds, sheep, yak and rich and varied flora (Rhubarb, carnations, wild onions, edelweiss etc) and one beyond the sables and marmots cross your path. The steppe, good place, more than ever, to great gallops! Bivouac.

Day 6: Tuvkhun Monastery (2312m)
By mountainous trail we reach the monastery Tuvkhun 16th century and is located on top of the mountain Ovoot Undur of 2312 m high. After this visit, descent of the mountain towards Khoit Aguit in a wooded coniferous environment. Here, will experience beautiful view of the Orkhon Valley (Uvurkhangai Khangai province). Overnight in tent beside a cliff.

Day 7: At the nomads of the Orkhon Valley
We descend to the Orkhon River where we stringers to several waterfalls sites and cliffs, crossing the passage of numerous yurts and nomadic camps, many opportunities encounters and sharing airag (fermented mare's milk). Landscapes of volcanic rocks from the eruption back over 20,000 years. Bivouac

Day 8: Falls, rivers and beautiful cliffs of the Khangai
We continue to the famous falls of Ulaan Tsutgalan, which are about 24 m high in Orkhon. Overnight in yurt in a nomadic family near the cliff Khar Khyasaa

Day 9: Loading the yaks for a 4 day trip independently and
Loading yaks for a 3 nights, 4 days trip independently and departure to the source Khyatruunii Am. Visit the nomad family of the valley and meeting with local people who depend on livestock. Bivouac.

Day 10 -12: Lake of Naiman Nuur
For three days, we cross the mountains that surround the "Orkhon" the eight lakes of Khuisiin Naiman Nuur. They are located at 2500 m above sea level and are the place of arrival of riding. Bivouac

Day 13: Cliff Shuranga.
For a beautiful valley which blends colorful volcanic hills and lush meadows, we reach the cliff Shuranga and huge rock in the shape of a camel. Last canter and last evening with our equestrian guides. Bivouac near the rock by the river.

Day 14: Dunes Bayan Gobi
In the morning, we separate from our horses and guides and then start with a 4x4 with whom we join the road through the village and dunes Uyanga Bayan-Gobi gradually back to Ulaanbaatar. Bivouac near the dunes.

Day 15: Ulaanbaatar
Free day for city tour, shopping, watch the traditional performance and having a dinner with team. Hotel

Day 16: Back to country
Fly back.

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