Naadam Family Trip

For 7 days, you will live in the desert, to the rhythm of everyday life of the pastors of Central Asia, almost self-sufficient. You will stay in a nomadic family by participating in all the work of breeders: care to the flock, fuel preparation, ropes, diary products, and deel making, etc. After horseback riding, you will learn to play at dice or dominoes in the Mongolian way.
This trip will give you a great opportunity to learn Mongolian culture, tradition and nomadic lifestyle. It’s optional with all destination.

Day 1
Fly to Ulaanbaatar

Day 2
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. After meeting with local team, directly depart by vehicle to the northwest, passing through a beautiful steppe landscape. Along the way, we will have a breakfast break. Resuming the journey, and arrived at around nomads. Meeting with the family, walking in the area, and enter the yurt where you will spend your stay. Lunch is at 13h. The afternoon will be devoted to meet high beasts, to take care of the herd with the nomads. The evening meal is taken early in the steppe, around 18h-18h 30.

Day 3
After having a breakfast at 9am, you will get through with the nomadic life! Lunch is served around 13h and then resumed pastoral activity by occupying you from the flock of sheep. To 18.30h, dinner and it’s free in the evening, you will spend for example playing traditional Mongolian games (bones, dominoes).

Day 4
Exceptionally, the sunrise is pretty early, around 6: 30 to get an accurate picture of life in the desert! Make fire, fetch water, prepare tea (crumble to boil, season, filter), breakfast, etc. Around 8 am, everyone takes breakfast together. Before lunch, walk in the vicinity of the camp to search for and prepare the wood, pick up the argal (cow dung which is used as fuel), etc. In the afternoon, traditional work with the nomads by learning how it's done the strings cowhide straps, an ancestral activity! The evening meal is at 18.30h.

Day 5
After the breakfast, depart for an excursion on horseback and on foot. In the afternoon, you will visit to the other nomads to know each other. Dinner will be at 18h 30. After the dinner, there will be interesting sequence to make Mongolian vodka 'Shimiin arkhi'.

Day 6
After breakfast, you will learn wood chore! After lunch, there will be a room for needlework. You can view and participate in the preparation of a deel (national costume) or felt mats to be placed under the saddle of the horse. Dinner at 18h 30 and board games (chess, bones, etc.)

Day 7
After breakfast, we will learn how to make cheese! Under the guidance of the master yurt, you will participate in the preparation of aruul (dried curd), churned milk and air dried to become hard as stone, and also the preparation of yogurt, the urum (thick skin of boiled milk), collected with a spatula. A delight! Today is the last day with nomads.

Day 8
In the morning, we head back to Ulaanbaatar. Today is free day for shopping, having dinner with team and watch traditional performance. Night in hotel.

Day 9
Fly back.

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